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Exactly how epilepsy could affect your sexual life

Exactly how epilepsy could affect your sexual life

Many men with epilepsy keeps typical intercourse lifetime and father compliment youngsters. But epilepsy can occasionally create problems with sex and you will fertility.

Any son could have complications with intercourse periodically, however, troubles are usual within the boys having epilepsy than just males as opposed to epilepsy. The preferred damage to people having epilepsy are experiencing nothing if any libido, and having complications with delivering or staying a hardon.

There are a number of you can good reason why, because the a person that have epilepsy, you may be very likely to suffer with sex. You can grounds tend to be:

Epilepsy pills

Certain epilepsy drugs checklist sexual difficulties just as one side-effect. These pills is actually gabapentin, pregabalin, phenobarbital, phenytoin, topiramate, carbamazepine, clobazam and you can clonazepam.

Additional medications dont listing sexual difficulties while the a side-impression. Even so they can lessen the level of testosterone in the human body. This may connect with your demand for or capability to have sex. This new medication that can cause you to definitely keeps low testosterone account include phenobarbital, phenytoin, carbamazepine and primidone. There’s also particular research you to oxcarbazepine, whenever pulled from the amounts more than 900mg every day, can have that it perception.

Lots of men get these epilepsy drugs, however, only a few will get sexual difficulties. If you think your own epilepsy treatments was with a direct impact on your sexual life, confer with your GP, epilepsy professional nursing assistant or epilepsy pro.

The end result away from epilepsy alone

Seizures, specifically those you to definitely begin in a part of your brain named new temporal lobe, make a difference quantities of sex hormonal in the body. Degree advise that people who have temporary lobe epilepsy be likely getting reasonable sexual interest.

Value seizures

Males care that they may enjoys an excellent seizure during sex. Having sexual intercourse is extremely unrealistic so you can end in seizures, and more than boys which have epilepsy lack seizures during sex. But if this is certainly a thing that you will be concerned with, the fresh proper care possess an effect on your sexual life.

Despair and you can stress

People with epilepsy will be impacted by anxiety and you can nervousness. When you’re effect disheartened otherwise anxious, this may allow you to be have less need for sex.


The body supplies the hormones testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for a lot of things that affect your sexual life. They’ve been your own need for having sexual intercourse, your ability to possess intercourse and your fertility. When you have reasonable testosterone account, this might turn you into have problems with your sexual life.

Treating sexual difficulties

When you yourself have any worries about your own sexual drive, otherwise your ability to possess intercourse, you are not alone. It is value speaking with their GP. They pick a means to make it easier to. For almost all males with sexual difficulties, a medicine can be obtained.

For people who as well as your doc thought their sexual difficulties have an emotional result in, your medical professional will get recommend intercourse therapy, psychotherapy otherwise dating counselling.

If it looks like there was an actual reason behind your intimate problems, your own GP may suggest changes in lifestyle otherwise service to greatly help.

Should your GP thinks your own sexual problems might possibly be linked to your own epilepsy otherwise epilepsy medication, they’ll always recommend one a keen epilepsy expert. Your own epilepsy professional might highly recommend and then make changes to your epilepsy medicines to see if it will help.

You may also access service and you may cure for sexual health conditions from the a sexual fitness infirmary. These could deliver the exact same cures you’ll get at your GP procedures. Of numerous intimate wellness clinics offer a stroll-in-service. You can search to own an assistance close by to the NHS website.


Some research implies that boys with epilepsy may not be given that fertile once the guys who don’t features epilepsy. This can allow much harder so you can dad a child.

Just how epilepsy can affect their fertility

You’re taking a keen epilepsy drug which can slow down the quantity of jizz your generate otherwise affect the top-notch they. Carbamazepine, phenytoin and you may sodium valproate ount out of evidence you to definitely levetiracetam also can affect the count and you can top-notch sperm you establish.

Your epilepsy or epilepsy medication could have brought about one keeps down testosterone accounts than usual. This might make you quicker fertile.

Treating virility dilemmas

While seeking getting a child along with your companion promo kód eurodate was delivering a long time to conceive, consult with your family doctor. They’re able to look for popular causes of fertility trouble in you plus partner. They may be able in addition to strongly recommend treatments that may help.

If the doctor believes that your particular epilepsy or epilepsy drugs is actually a potential trigger, they usually recommend one to an epilepsy specialist. Brand new professional can make changes towards the epilepsy treatments, to find out if that will help.

Where to get subsequent assist

Intimate Pointers Relationship Tel: 020 7486 7262 Web site: Aims to assist in improving the new sexual health and wellbeing of males and women. Their site has actually information regarding multiple regions of sexual problems.

Institute off Psychosexual Medication (IPM) Website: .ukProvides a list of IPM trained specialist, certain performing personally and several towards the NHS.

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