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Robin was in the first place the actual only real person in the newest crew to own zero face-defects

Robin was in the first place the actual only real person in the newest crew to own zero face-defects

Despite Robin’s capability to cope with this new unconventional, she are unable to drink the thought of Dwarves, and you can was even shocked from the the characteristics of without difficulty trusting somebody, some thing she always humor away from while Luffy can it. However, immediately after visiting Dressrosa, the girl tall improvement in identity begins to establish by itself. Robin possess since the shown several facefaults demonstrating you to definitely this woman is zero prolonged this new stoic, uncompromising individual she was once. Robin was also overcome having emotion at vision out-of Kanjuro’s Nobori Ryu strategy, and that put a pitiful-appearing dragon that she discovered to be extremely sexy towards area out of blushing, who new team soon dubbed “Ryunosuke”. She is driven in order to tears during the the noble effort to help you climb Zou’s hind foot to reach the top, having difficulties for its feeble provides, after which honored its recollections whether or not it turned-back for the a drawing and you may ceased becoming “alive” of the establishing vegetation on the “grave” where they had reverted so you’re able to drawing means.


Through to the Enies Reception Arch, Robin tend to made an effort to length by herself from other somebody, even the woman partners, as she knew one she is actually bound to exit her or him at some point or later on. Since the the woman first bounty, Robin had usually already been deceived by the somebody she stumbled on faith; they all turned-on the lady with regard to currency. Consequently, Robin grabbed an effective jaded look at someone and never very trusted somebody. Before she registered, Robin is actually really intrigued of your own activity and you will prospective of Straw Hat staff (perhaps since their captain try one of the few members of the world on the middle intial D, due to the fact giant which spared this lady). Whilst they certainly were foes, Robin never ever acted aggressive otherwise agressive towards some of the staff. She also turned withholding to help you the lady Baroque Functions allies, never informing him or her of the identity from Sanji which she identified from the Whiskey Top; and that lead to their escape at Gambling establishment, and you can protecting Luffy away from being hidden on desert once the guy is actually beaten of the Crocodile in the Rainbase.

Upon basic joining the latest Straw Hat Staff, she just said she had nowhere more commit, claiming you to definitely Luffy was guilty of the lady getting real time when she had planned to perish and this needed to grab duty for his or her own methods. She barely named this lady comrades by name, and you may rather regarded him or her along with their ship-hands headings, such as for example Skip Navigator (Kokaishi-san, we.e. Nami), Mr. Swordsman (Kenshi-san, i.elizabeth. Zoro), Mr. Much time Nose (Nagahana-kun, we.age. Usopp), etcetera. She in the beginning simply called Luffy and you can Crocodile of the its brands, although when you look at the an expert style as a real estate agent. She does, once in a while, label Luffy “sencho-san” (meaning head).

Throughout the years, not, Robin gets better together with her crewmates, and you may begins to develop a feeling of belonging together with them, and has reported that she cares more about the better-being than compared to all of those other business. Immediately following watching what lengths they’re going to enter acquisition to save her, she today calls every one of them by the labels. Into the violence on Enies Lobby, she understood she’s got finally found the brand new loved ones that Saul told you she would. This lady has and reported that, other than preserving her existence, they certainly were accountable for revitalizing their dream. After the timeskip, Robin seems confident in the her put in the fresh team. When Nekomamushi said he was concerned that people which wished to look at the pongeglyphs carry out been immediately following the woman, Robin said she had strong family members that would protect the girl.

Monkey D. Luffy

This woman is grateful so you’re able to Luffy to have acknowledging the woman toward his staff, in fact it is so much more patient with his natural identity than just of many regarding this lady other crewmates, actually laughing as he impulsively lets members to participate, as someone else is actually surprised (whatsoever, it’s through this she turned into good Straw Hat associate). And also as Robin sailed and ventured into team longer, she started to be nearer to and you can manage Luffy because the well just like the other countries in the Straw Hat crew. She actually is also a great deal more tolerant regarding Luffy’s choices, and this often times even helps make this lady laugh. This goes dating back to when they was in fact enemies in the brand new Arabasta Arch, when Luffy battled Crocodile while the “Liquids Luffy”, consuming an entire barrel out of drinking water and you will spraying it in the Crocodile out-of his throat making your even more good. She seemed to have chosen to take a liking in order to Luffy from their very first fulfilling on-board the brand new Going Merry, where their committed identification fascinated her adequate to have to fulfill him once more. Luffy try the only individual that was able to persuade her that she should real time even when the industry does not want the woman in order to, as well as if that was happening, the nation is actually their along with his crewmates’ enemies as well. In manners, Luffy reminds Robin of your own almost every other D. service provider she befriended. This might have likewise contributed to the girl initially need for your, because she is actually aware of their complete name at the its very first appointment and you may asked about it after that whenever she saved your just after his first battle with Crocodile.

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